What is the benefit of Exporting to "Amazon AppStore"?

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  • I'm obviously a novice at this stuff so please tolerate my likely silly question:

    A while back I managed to create a game on Construct 2. I then somehow exported it, used Cocoon and then some how uploaded it successfully to the Amazon App store where people can download and play the game successfully. I 'm still not sure how I got it all to work.. .but I did..

    I now see that the newer version of Construct 2 has a "one click" export feature to the Amazon Appstore... But I'm a bit confused. When I click the "export" to "Amazon Appstore" it basically just saves the nearly identical same files/folders that were made when I exported to a html5 website.. so what exactly does this export to Amazon do? Must I still go to the cocoon website? What exactly did I just accomplish but selecting the Amazon Appstore option?

    Likewise, I'm also trying to figure out how to incorporate ads into my games for the Amazon App store and only just discovered that AdMob doesn't work with Amazon.. So if you have any easy way to incorporate ads into the Amazon app games, PLEASE do let me know that also.

  • I'm trying to solve this, too. I don't think ads can be in a packaged web app. I can't find a method anywhere that says you can.

    Were you able to get past the Launch Path validation when you uploaded your zip? If so, what did you put in that field?

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  • currently there is no plugin for it but if someone would write an plugin there are some add services that could be used, for example Mopub, Google Interactive Media Ads, Interactive or even Admob (but the current admob plugin only works with phonegap/cordova)

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