Bem melhor em português/ Much better in Portuguese (or not)

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  • Bom dia pessoal (Sorry, this post is for Brazil)

    pessoal estamos traduzindo o construct2 totalmente para português (mas nao o mecanismo de programação), apenas estou dando uma previa logo mais, vou disponibilizar para todos, mas se alguem pergunta o porque? vou logo responder; para que mais pessoas tenha acesso a ferramenta, sem depender do seu conhecimento no inglês.


    Much better in Portuguese

    Good morning (Sorry, this post is for Brazil)

    staff are translating the construct2 completely Portuguese (but not the programming mechanism), I'm just giving a preview soon, will make available for everyone, but if someone asks why? I will soon answer; so that more people have access to tool, without relying on their knowledge in English.

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  • This is an English forum and it is a requirement that posts should be in English or provide an English translation, or it is unlikely (or more difficult) that you will get the help you require.

  • As mentioned, please provide a translation with any posts as the forums are international but still relying on English for a better moderation/comprehension.

    What staff are you referring to ? Certainly not Scirra, and as far as I'm aware, this is not sanctioned nor officially supported.

    Will it be easy to get the translation over several releases or will have users to stay on a specific release because it is the only one translated ?

    If the latter, than although I understand and appreciate the effort, it is in vain and will cause a lot of issues in the long run (bugs not fixed, features not available, etc...).

    If the translation can be version independent, perhaps it could be a good idea, although in the long run, the official documentation is still in English too.

    Warning, for anyone commenting further in this topic and not talking in or providing an English translation, your messages will simply be deleted.

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