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  • Hello all, i'm new to the forums and soon ill be purchasing my construct 2 licence, ive recently bought a BB10 Z10 phone and im very interested in creating a Game for it, probably even port it to windows 8 once completed, Im having a few issues with the BB10 exporter,

    Once it exports i run the package bat file and it gives a BuildId Error, after this i manually create the BuildId value in the bat file so it has one, after this it succesfully creates the bar file. but once i deploy the file to the simulator it just shows a black screen.

    Has anyone had this Issue?, tonight ill be testing with my device to see if there is a diference, id like to hear you're experiences with the exporter.

    Thank you



    PS. By the way, im from Caracas, Venezuela,(Well really im british but living here jeje) so if there is anyone from the community around from venezuela send me a DM.

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  • Have you checked this tutorial ?

    I don't own such a device myself, so I can't say if the tutorial can provide/covers informations related to your issue, but I believe it should.

  • Thank you Kyatric, i didnt notice ashley had published the tutorial yesterday,

    Well ill keep the post open to see if there are any others with problems

    Thank you

  • franzsilva: The current simulator has a known issue with WebGL that should be fixed in the next release. For the time being, if you're testing with the simulator, try changing from WebGL to Canvas2D (regular 2D context) mode before packaging.

    If you would like me to try your application out on a physical device (with WebGL mode) feel free to fire me an email ( and I'd be happy to help!

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