How to Make Backgrounds for 2D platformer?

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  • So I know using big *ss images as backgrounds isnt very efficient and I one of my smaller games has shows that those big images often don't even load properly.

    So what is a good way to go about creating "elaborate" backgrounds for 2 platformers? Say, for the sake of the argument, that I am working on a 6000:2000 Layout Size, obviously, an HD image covering that entire space is way too big. So, do I create smaller Tiles like you would a top-down pixelart game? What if I would want a nice looking mountain with the sun going down, I can't create that with only a dozen tiles. Do I then draw the image as I want it displayed, and then cut it into smaller bits that I then place on my layout?

    Fire away guys! Teach me how to make some nice looking 2D backgrounds

  • As you mentioned, the "cut into smaller bits" part is the way to go.

    There is a clear example of that method depicted in that blog article.

    Try to reuse as much bits as possible in a creative and pleasing visual way.

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  • alright thanks

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