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  • I have a project which is 1020x720. The layers are all 1020x720.

    When I insert a background which is 1020x720 in the editor it only shows at about 2/3 of its size and does not fill the entire layer. However, when I run the project the background fills the entire 1020x720 as expected.

    I have a similar problem when I insert a sprite which is wider then 1020 (which I scroll across the layout). It does not appear at all in the editor (it is just a transparent/empty select box) but when I run the project it appears just fine.

    I have also just found that when I inserted another sprite it's bounding/select box is the correct size but the sprite is only 1/2 width of the bounding box and the sprite is only shown as 1/2 its actual width (the rest of the select box on the right is empty). However, when I run the project is appears the correct size (which is twice the width shown in the editor).

    This is making Construct pretty unusable as it is very hard to work out where to place elements and what they will look like. Can anyone explain what is going on and how I can get Constructor to show me what I have actually inserted in the editor?


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  • can you post a capx please

  • Hi Burvey. Thanks for the offer of help but I have just fixed the problem. I noticed on the Scirra bug reporting page that graphic drivers can often cause problems similar to what I was seeing. I had already tried to upgrade my graphics driver but Win 8 kept telling me either I couldn't or that I had the latest version. I just managed to persuade it to upgrade to Win 8.1 and now these problems seem to have gone away. My PC seems to be a lot slower, but hopefully that is just a temporary side effect of the upgrade.

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