b190 Windows Store Certification Fails

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  • I can't get past this and any help is appreciated.

    When I run the Windows Store Validation it always fails with this:

    Performance test


    Bytecode generation

    •Error Found: The bytecode generation test detected the following errors:?File \\?\C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\35997SteveBucci.SantasRooftopRun_1.1.4.0_neutral__s4pn5d3b6neq2\data.js has JavaScript syntax or other problems.

    •Impact if not fixed: As a performance optimization to accelerate JavaScript execution time, JavaScript files ending in the ".js" extension generate bytecode when the app is deployed. This optimization significantly improves start-up and ongoing execution times for JavaScript.

    •How to fix: You may need consider one or more of these steps to fix the issue:

    • Ensure that event logging is enabled
    • All JavaScript files are syntactically valid; otherwise exclude the respective files from the package
    • Please note that you should uninstall all previous versions of the app before deploying

    Otherwise exclude the respective files from the package.


    The data.js file is one long line of stuff. So, not sure if that is the syntax. I found you definitely can't exclude it from the project.

    When running a debug in Visual Studio I get this

    SCRIPT7002: XMLHttpRequest: Network Error 0x2efd, Could not complete the operation due to error 00002efd.

    File: index-win.html

    But overall that doesn't seem to actually effect anything in my game.

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  • Im having this same issue. you should probably make a thread in the bug report section of the forums though it is better fitting for this

  • Thanks, Volkiller. There was already a thread and I added to it.

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