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  • lets say my game uses 1366 x 768 resolution.

    lets say the player's default screen res is much larger than that.

    Can Awesomium set the desktop screen display to 1366 x 768 (if supported) so that my game is not scaled up?

  • good question. I would like to know too.

  • The Awesomium exporter never changes the actual display resolution. It will just set the window size to the size of the monitor, and if you use letterbox fullscreen that means the game will fill the whole monitor too.

    In practice this is no different to how it would appear even if it forced the resolution; CRT monitors are very rare nowadays, and most modern monitors only have a single native resolution, and will bilinear filter different resolutions and basically stretch them to fill the window - exactly what Construct 2 would also be doing.

  • Ashley, all my artwork is in 1366 by 768. If I put the native desktop resolution to 1366 by 768 all looks fine.

    If I put the desktop resolution to the best resolution supported, the game is stretched and everything looks very pixelly and the anti-aliased edges are kind of lost. the end result is very ugly.

    So yes, if Awesomium can support the option of changing the desktop resolution to a specific resolution and then change it back to standard upon game exit, it will be much better.

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  • That would be really nice !

  • bjadams - do you have a CRT monitor? I thought most LCD monitors today use bilinear filtering, which will make the game look blurry if you change the native resolution.

  • i have an lcd monitor + 2 laptops with touchscreens

    put them all side by side with different resolutions so i could compare :)

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