Awesome idea about collaborations, uh, I think.

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  • In the current system of caproj, there is a limit to how much people can work at the same time. Like, one person at the program itself, one to three at the graphics part, one at the events, etc.

    And though it's a cool system, it's, as I said, limited to how much people can work at the same time. So my idea is...


    Let me explain it how it would work in motion.

    There is a source capx file. Guy #1 makes a change in, let's say, graphics. But, he doesn't save the changes to the source capx file(Let's call it SCF), but to a plugin file, not changing the SCF at all. At the same time, Guy #2 makes changes to a group in the event system. But when Guy #2 is at work, he doesn't have the graphics change Guy #1 made, since he doesn't have the plugin file. That means that all the guys work with the same capx file. And when 10 plugin files are made, the guys send the Main Guy their plugin files, and he loads the plugin files in his copy of SCF, updating the game with all the 10 changes the 10 guys made. Then, Main Guy sends the v.2 SCF to the 10 people, and they make their new changes to the v.2 SCF, and so on, and so on, and so on.

    I'd say this idea is not mine. This kind of a plugin system is used in ROM hacks, like translations. Example: Fan Translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Also, collaborated Oblivion mods.

    So whadda ya say?

  • I'd say you should have another read at this manual article and the linked tutorial how to collaborate on projects with SVN.

  • I'm not sure, but, in this case, if you make a change, the change will go to the master project immediately, and I want for everyone to make their changes on the same file, THEN submit them to the server( Main Guy). Are you sure you can do it like that with that oogie-boogie scary program?

  • Source control software like SVN is the industry standard for collaboration on digital projects. You'd do well to start using it!

  • Pfft, I need a team first.

    So, can I use source control programs like how I said?

    And yes. Some sort of plugin system made by YOU, Scirra, would be nice. Very nice. (And a compare layout condition)

  • :(

  • Yes, version control works exactly as you describe. There is a central location that has the complete project repository. Each collaborator has a local repository on their personal computers. They make changes and save them to their local repository. Then they can make a push (or sometimes called a commit) to the primary repository. All the other collaborative developers can then update their individual local repository with the latest information from the primary repository so that everyone is in sync. Each push is tracked so you can see what files changed and who changed them, and administrators can even undo them if necessary. Plus a lot of other stuff that is very cool.

    It is a wonderful system used by tech companies everywhere. There's no need for Scirra to try and reinvent the wheel.

    You may find GitHub for Windows to be a nice introduction to the process:

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  • Svn is so simple to use.

    I used to use it for download big mods in things like Garry's Mod (spacebuild) or Oblivion (like BIG ones.)

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