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  • I don't know if any of you have thought of this yet...

    but how about a tip window or suggestion box for all the noobs who use this software or are still learning it.

    For instance...

    When you click on window size maybe it can give you options for ideal screen size for monitors,iphones, ipads, etc. This same option that could even have a button to optionally turn this feature on or off could be made to assist new game developers helping them to make the best or most accurate choices for the specific program or game they want to develop. A feature like this would be a huge deal and definately put C2 even higher above similar game engines on the market. Opening C2 up to younger developers and making it even easier to use then it already is.

    Basically it just needs a suggestion feature that you can click on the suggestions and it will pre-set it up for you.

    Anyways just wanted to pass the thought,

    Have a Great Day!

  • Yeah, that's a good idea. That helps with C2's 'Documentation' and 'User-Friendliness'. =)

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  • You must not use a specific window width and height if you want your game to be fullscreen on mobile or tablets! You should simply support multiple screen sizes. If we added something like "use iPad screen size", undoubtedly a lot of people would just click it and the game would not work on anything other than an iPad. It's far better to make it work on any screen size, then it will work nicely on all devices.

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