Been away for a year, game is broken, needs solution.

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  • I've just updated to the newest version and my game isn't scaling properly. I worked out that variables I was using 'WindowWidth' and 'WindowHeight' appear to be system variables now, so it's renamed them WWidth and WHeight. Problem is, they're all over my code as the original names. I can't work out if the editor has a search and replace thing which will work across all of my layouts. Is there a way I could change every 'WindowWidth' in my code to 'WWidth'?

  • Uninstall C2, download and install the older version you used before, rename the variables, save, uninstall and install latest version. Should work...

  • That sounds like a good idea. Any idea how I could find out when this was added as a system variable so I could find the correct version? I suppose I could just trawl through all the update news.

  • Ugh, looks like even my backups and older backups have been saved in version 2.15 at least and aren't working correctly. I might have older backups, so I'll rummage around.

    Only other option I think is to manually alter every instance of the variable? There's no search / replace?

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  • Doing a search and replace in the xml files is probably the easiest way.

  • Ah thanks, I didn't think of that. Went and did it manually in the end, only took an hour :p

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