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  • Hi all

    When i rotate the floor the collision don't stay in one line it change to little lines Z (pixel) shape.

    This affecting the player animation and making him to shift between idle and land animation.

    Is there any way to make the rotate object collision stay in one line?

    Thank's to all

    And have a nice day

  • Not quite sure I am following what you want, but are you using a rectangular sprite as your collision polygon or using the default? Like in the platformer tutorial, you pin a square/rectangle sprite and use that for collisions in stead of the default collision polygon...

  • Man.. I'd really wish that there were easy way to add pictutes etc. to this forum. Having a drawing (and example Capx file) woudl make understanding the problem so much easier.

  • When you are replying there is a little icon of a tree above the reply window? It lets you add a URL Image.

    Really it just puts [ IMG] and [ /IMG] with the image URL in the middle, you can type that manually.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    You do however need Dropbox or something to hold the image.

  • Thanks all

    <img src="" border="0" />

    dropbox. com/s/m61eiaoj99j891a/1.png

    As you can see in the image When i rotate the solid platform the collision polygon change to sawtooth shape and this is effect the player animation when he stand above the platform and convert between idle and walk animation.

    Is there away to keep the collision polygon straight in one line when rotate.

    Best regards

  • It's affecting the Collision poly? It looks like it's just the screen showing a bit low res.

    The poly is supposed to be just that, a polygon, meaning it only has corners, the lines are virtually draw between those corners.

    Did you turn on "Show Collision Polys" in the View tab?

    (or is it on, and hard to see the red line on red?)

    You might try increasing your Window size in your project properties.

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  • I think I know what he's trying to explain.

    If you have Platformer Behaviour on a Sprite, and was to have a separate Solid sprite, then make that solid sprite rotate whilst the Player is standing on it, it would make the platformers animation flicker between falling/standing whilst the floor is rotating.

    I kinda have a sort of similar problem, which is when I have some floors and then a floor is connected to an angled floor and positioned against eachother. Walking along the floor works fine, but when you walk across the part of floor where the flat floor meets the sloped floor, the character sometimes flickers to the falling animation (though nothing's wrong with the movement, just the animation flickering). I'd put a capx/screenshot up but I gotta go off computer!

  • When you are checking which animation you are playing, you can use the "collision at offset" event and check a little further below your player. eg: self.y-50 to see if you are still on a floor,

    sounds like its repeatedly colliding/not colliding because of the rotations.

  • Thank's all

    exactly what Jase00 said : (( it would make the platformers animation flicker between falling/standing whilst the floor is rotating.))

    is there a way to rotate the player when he above curved floors without making event code for each floor.

    I'm making a platform game with size of 80,000 pixel wide, and there many puzzles i can't finish because Collision poly problems.

    I have 2 rotating puzzles can't finish and another puzzle when player

    jump into big moving fan to go to other side.

    Sorry for my bad english

    thank's again for the help

    Best to all

  • Oh, I see. Justifun's suggestion is what I would have offered for that. Or even set an extra image point below the sprite, and check that point for overlap.

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