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  • Don't know if this is just me, or if I'm just doing something wrong but my autosaves in Construct have stopped working.

    Last time they were working was in r100.

    Current version r103.1

    Autosave 1 - dropbox\backup1 - every 15 mins

    Autosave 2 - dropbox\backup2 - every 30 mins

    Autosave 3 - desktop\backup - every 15 mins

    Autosave is enabled, I have deleted the file location and readded and relinked Construct to the new file destination and I have tried changing how often it should Autosave.

    Construct now only saves an Autosave in these folders when I click the save button.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with Construct?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

  • I'm using r111 and have the same problem, auto back up does not mean auto save unfortunately, you need to click save frequently. I've lost a few hours work on two occasions now. It's a real shame construct doesn't have an auto save feature like other programming IDEs or a least save the project each time before preview or export.

    Come on guys, I'm going to have to keep bugging you until this feature goes in <img src="smileys/smiley28.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I've developed the habit to save before clicking preview - the buttons are right next to each other ;)

    I would agree that autosave would be nice, however.

  • Is this fixed? I'm also not seeing autosave working

  • The autosave feature is working fine.

    I made the mistake of assuming Construct would just save itself upon being opening, this is not the case.

    When you save the game for the 1st time (choose the name and location of where to save) Construct will start auto updating.

    When you open a project, move an object and save again, this will re-enable all the auto save features.

    This is how I've been doing it since I had these issues and my autosaves are now fine

  • Construct 2 doesn't autosave at the moment. It only does auto-backups - that's what those "every 15 minutes" options are choosing. You still must press Save, and then if 15 minutes has passed, it will also copy it to the backup location, and so on.

  • Ashley thanks for clearing that up. Sorry for the bad wording, I meant Auto-Backup not Autosave.

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  • Yep , me too , who knew that polar bears and squids were so close :D

  • autosave is a must... just lost 3 hours of work.. because of a crash (loading a sprite sheet, closing then trying to rename the sprite)

  • jobel autosave has been integrated for the last few builds. What version are you using?

  • I'm on 139.. I've been meaning to update.. just haven't gotten around to it... just like I didn't get around to clicking the save button for 3 hours! grr so mad at myself! nothing worse than that "REPORT TO MICROSOFT? "DONT SEND" screen when you know you forgot to save....

  • May I ask what the difference between autosave and autobackup do then? Autosave is self explanatory, but does autobackup just backup the current saved file automatically?

  • mepis :

    If I am correct, Autosave is saving on another file each X minutes, while auto-backup is copying the last file you saved before erasing it.

    If you have a Test.Capx, make a change then save it once again, the Test.capx.backup should contain what the test.capx contained before the save, so if the save failed (or you made a breaking change that you cannot find out), at least you can use the backup file.

    I hope I was clear

  • Thank you! I figured that's what it did but confirmation never hurts.

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