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  • Hi! I have recently downloaded a Construct 2 example projects (nearly 70 capx). I found that each one of them required a certain plugin but I don't have much time to manually install all the required plugins.Is there any ALL plugin installer like one made by rexrainbow or . Is there an in built plugin installer? I think there should be a separate plugin installer made by Scirra (like graphic updater) Can anyone help me out?

  • rex is a great coder, but he does divide his plugins an aweful lot for modularity.

    First rex has a repository tool you can install. It's not hard to google rexrainbow repository

    My next piece of advice. Don't bloat your plugins. Only Rex can help you with his plugins and some of them are obsolete. Be selective. Also not all devs on the forums will help if they have to install more capx than they feel needed for their own use.

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  • Well, I don´t think Scirra will ever officially do something like a PlugIn Installer for third party stuff. Really good ones will be fully integrated in C2 and others can be just copied in the PlugIn-Folder. It really can´t be easier.

    Once you installed a PlugIn, it will stay there with every Update of the software, so you don´t have to redo it every time.

  • Is there any

  • jayderyu

    Right, every construct 2 updating will bring us more features, some of them will better then my plugins, so that they are obsolete. But I still need to keep (most of them) into repo tool for those users who had use them in their older capx.

  • rexrainbow Is there any Scirra would develop own Plugin updater?

  • ashesh

    I had never hear that.

  • ashesh

    There has been a growing number of people that have been voicing a growing demand. I among them have been voicing that we want a C2 IDE for modularity and plugin repositry. I want it that C2 can install these plugins without restarting the software.

    Maybe after the Multiplayer.

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