Audio white noise maybe caused by C2?

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  • After I upgraded to r240 or at least I think it might be due to that, im experience some weird sound problems, where my headset starts to make white noise. The reason I suspect its might be something with C2, is because It only happens if I have a C2 program running (like a preview project for instant) and I switch to it in the task manager.

    The headset can still play other music however there is this loud white noise constantly. Besides restarting the computer, I found out that through my sound software do a testing of different type of speaker system I would like to use. basically it just let me test for stereo, surround etc. However I only have a headset so, I don't use other speakers. The interesting thing (Well for me ) is that when I tell it to for instant test surround or dolby it tells me that the device is currently being used by another program and then I can force it to do it anyway and after that the white noise goes away and everything is fine again. However as I said it only happen after I switch to a C2 program.

    Since its not really easy to test or even reproduce as it only happens sometimes, I was wondering if anyone have experienced the same? and if anything major have been changed in audio system for C2, because I didn't have this problem in r237, I think the last build was that I used.

    Anyway know its a long shot, but you never know.

    Merry Christmas

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