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  • Here's my main problems:

    Global positional audio values: We NEED to be able to control the distance and roll-off factors for each sound.

    Global doppler values: We need to be able to select which sounds are effected by doppler, having all or nothing renders the feature practically unusable. I have ambient background loops for say an air-conditioning unit and when I run around it sounds like a weird spaceship taking off.

    Also is it at all possible to be able to hook up FMOD to the engine via a plugin?

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  • Also - being able to adjust pitch of each sound as opposed to tag would be fantastic.

    Best solution I think is to create an audio emitter object like most other game engines like Unity have. You create the object and within it you can assign a sound (or list of sounds), then be able to tick if it's 3D positional, mono or stereo. Adjust it's range, doppler factor and pitch.

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