Audio / Sprite limitations per layout?

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  • Hello!

    I am having a problem that I have not been able to find any answer to online... here is the situation

    I am using audible dialog in my game, with synced animations made in flash, exported as PNG sequences.

    I trigger the animations and audio clips in the same event, and the sync works just fine.

    The problem that occurs is when one scene has up to 15 different synced animations / audio clips.

    Sometimes the animation happens without the corresponding audio. This happens intermittently,

    in other words, the same version of the game file previewed in the same browser (IE in this case) acts

    inconsistently as far as audio is concerned. Sometimes a dialog playback happens, sometimes not.

    This is a major issue, as my game uses an audible dialog system, and if the audio event does not occur,

    there is a gap in the flow of the story, and as is with the current state of my engine, the game stops at that line

    and no further progression is possible (the next event is triggered by "on audio ended" or "X audio is playing [inverted]"). I have read about workarounds where a timer can force the game to go on

    without the audio event happening. This is not favorable in my game, because I'd rather use all audio or all text

    for dialog, consistently.

    I am trying to figure out at this point whether HTML 5 is a viable vehicle for this type of dialog system.

    Basically, the system as is has some sprite objects with over 30 animations, and total game has about 100

    audio clips for dialog. This type of game may be better suited for Flash perhaps, but the bummer is that aside from

    dialog, most of the game is already built in construct, and I'd rather see it through to completion, with or without dialog. Is this setup too bloated for construct with all the sprites and audio clips? I am leaning toward a simple text readout for dialog, but would like to retain the charm of the animated dialog if possible, especially since all the

    animating is already done, with hours of work put into the dialog sync.


    Let me know if you have questions.


    I love Construct 2 other than this issue. What a great and versatile tool!


  • ummm how about extracting the issue into an empty project and fiddle with it there, to see if it works good or if you can solve it somehow if it still exists.

    if you solve it - ok

    if you don't - post that capx (with empty project + problem) and we'll see what can be done.

    other things you can try - preload sounds?

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  • thanks for the reply.

    the preload sounds setting on my project is set to "yes", and I also tried to preload manually using the preload sound event in the events sheet.

    even so, no dice.

  • hmm that's wierd...

    what encoder did you use for your sounds? maybe encoding changed?

    example - encode mp3 with lame.dll and some other mp3 dll encoder - > not a same file, could cause problems

    (mp3 is example, each type of audio file (ogg, wav, and so on..) has more encoders ... )

    if i think of anything else i'll post..

  • hmmm....

    the sounds were automatically encoded to ogg and mp4 by C2, imported from straight .WAV files.

    going to test with less of the animations loaded into the layout, removing some of the system load.... ill post results later

  • Maybe you can check that the audio files have loaded before proceeding with the animation / audio synced playback?

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