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  • This seems like a bug, but I can't be sure as I've never used the Drag Drop behavior before.

    I have a sound playing for when you drag&drop successfully into a box and a different sound for when you miss the target. Both sounds play the first time through. If you continue drag and dropping then only 1 sound plays (and it varies which sound). I tried it in Chrome and in Firefox, same results.

    The fact that it varies makes me feel its the code... I'm probably overlooking something, but I can't see it.

    Can someone take a look?

  • I get the same problem,

    play --> stop-->play then the music doesn't play on start

    loop mode is disabled too~

  • It's not the code. I've tested it on the following browsers and got different results:

    On Firefox it plays just fine, every time.

    On IE (11) it also plays fine, every time.

    On Chrome, half of the time it plays fine (literally, if I refresh the page, every second time it doesn't work)

    On Node-webkit it never works.

    I simplified the code, just leaving 1 box, and still it doesn't work as it should. This is probably a bug either on C2's behalf, or Chrome (and on the chrome based node-webkit).

  • thanks eli0s and winsonzhong It most likely is a Chrome problem. I retested with Firefox and you're correct it works fine.. not sure what was happening before..I was getting some unexpected results when at fullscreen in Firefox (it sometimes acts as if frozen, the screen won't redraw, then all of a sudden it does)...but that I think is unrelated to this. I don't think a Scirra bug report will help as it's probably something Google has to take care of.

  • SOLVED...

    I had the sound effect audio imported into the Music Directory... I guess it doesn't refresh as fast which makes sense since music plays longer than SFX..

  • I knew it was something stupid!

    suddenly, my world makes sense again..

  • Then the problem should arise from the fact that music files can't be player simultaneously. Weird that on some browsers it works though...

  • you can play music simultaneously.. see this thread:

    I think the Music Folder must have something to do with how often it can be triggered... I'm not really sure, but all I know is it works now and I never have any issues triggering music.

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  • firefox plays just fine. node webkit never work, but r170 all is find . the problem appears only at r171 r172

  • jobel , my bad, I was positive that limitation existed. Apparently it doesn't! By the way, have you tried playing your capx on the post you directed me on Chrome now? The same thing happens. I think since you are the OP you should report this to Ashley. It might be something from his end, but even if it's not, as a developer (and a genius) he should be able to pinpoint the problem and push it to Chrome devs...

  • By the way, the new v173 release fixed the problem!

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