Audio issue related to timescale, music and export

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  • I have a project where the timescale moves a lot, between 0.2 and 5. I have set the audio so that the music scale with the timescale.

    I have 2 issues:

    1) When the timescale goes below 0.5 or above 4, the music is cut. I mean like no audio at all. Tested on Chrome and .exe export on Windows 7.

    2) In Windows .exe (but not in Chrome), when the timescale goes below 0.5 then goes back to above 0.5, there's a loud white noise. It never goes away. You need to close the game.

    I created a simple test .capx to test this:

    In the test project, you can press Z, X and Spacebar to change the timescale.

    And here's the .exe export:

    Is there any solution for that?

  • I'm wondering if it might be a bug in Construct maybe?

  • I'm interested in more info about this as well. I have some music which I'm lerping between two timescales but as you said anything lower than a timescale of 0.5 or higher than 3 or 4 results in silence. It's a shame, because it's a really cool audio effect, but too subtle when you can only slow it down 50%. Is there a technical reason for these limitations, or is it something that may be addressed in future?

  • I also planned to use timescale to compensate low fps device so i also interested in this question:

    Is timescale affect sound/music playing?

  • gamesura: You get to choose in the Audio object's properties if you want timescale to affect music, sfx or both (or none).

    signaljacker: One way of doing it, is to use an audio program like audacity to create a version of your music at lower than 50%. Then, you would need to create a system that will uses either the normal music or the 50% music. And for that, you can't uses the build it feature that match the audio speed to the timescale speed. You have to create your own system that will watch the current speed and will adjust the pitch of your sound. If it goes lower than 50%, then you use your alternate music file that is already at 50%, so that you can lower it even more.

    It's complicated...

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  • Unfortunately that technique isn't quite suitable for what I need. I'm aiming for a very smooth transition from fast to slow, not an abrupt one and running two audio files in parallel would work fine if they were the same speed but as they won't be they will lose sync (unless the second file was just pitch-shifted eg running at the same speed but at a lower pitch, which isn't really the effect I want). The audio engine in construct 2 seems to do a cool timestretching effect which is quite nice, the 50% speed is still pretty good I just wonder why there's that limitation, I can't really think of any good reason for it.

  • I'm guessing it might be just a browser technical limitation.

    Anyway, maybe you could think of a formula that could match the time of both your 2 audio?


    If you were at 55% of your "fast" music, then move the playhead of the "slow" music to 55% too?

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