No Audio on iOS

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  • I had/have this same problem. No sound in Safari on a iPad 2 running 8.2. But sound was fine using the chrome browser on the same iPad.

    The "no sound in iOS" was also happening with the Intel XDK mobile tester.

    I tried some experiments.

    I took an older version of the game, because I remembered at one point the sound WAS working in Safari before and sure enough it was fine.

    Without getting into all the steps I took to get it to work, here is what seems to work (which is more of a hack).

    For me it seemed to be music specific. If I get the music to work all the other sounds in the game seemed to function normally.

    I re added/installed the music file using a wav file with a slightly different name(PCM, sterio,16 bit, 44,100Hz).

    I made a iOS specific music function were I play the new music file at the same point the old file plays at, then I immediately stop it.

    Just replacing the old music file doesn't seem to work.

    It's like all it needs is for the sound to be activated/initialized, then everything is fine. This makes all the other sounds in the game work as they should. Including the old music file.

    Go figure.

    I don't know if you were saying you tried something like this already. Worked for me, I hope it will help you too.

  • Thanks for input

    Ive tried different ways ... but its confusing that a C2 cordova export > xdk build

    dont work ...out of the box

    THIS is an answer from intel:


    Hi Flemming,

    I tried your app you sent me. It looks like it is using Web Audio when you are running on the device. The audio is generally supported in webview but not reliable. You should be using Cordova for audio. If there is a way in C2 to force your app to use Cordova you should do that, otherwise you have to write js code to implement audio using Cordova plugin. There are examples available in sample apps.


    This I cant figure out BUT hope that Ashley or someone from C2 will help with this Issue


  • I have just had the same issue with no audio on iPad 2 with a html5 export. See link below for piano demo. There is sound in chrome, but none in Safari. Weird, as I have other browser games exported pre v200 that are fine in Safari.

    The odd thing is the first time I checked the link below it works, but on a second visit no audio.. Strange. I am starting to think it's a bug, but not sure if it's safari or C2.

  • Guys "Media" option must be enabled when exporting for IOS. Try it.

  • Thanks for input

    JUST TRIED that for the Cordova C2 Export > Intel xdk Cordova iOS build

    Still no audio

    If someone will try to build this simple test to locate whats wrong


  • volkiller730

    I would be very glad if you would give it a try and build.....too see what is wrong

    I a little stuck here .. just tried it on an iPhone 4


  • Flemming sorry for not getting back to you my test device(iphone6) got dropped in water so im not able to test it for you

  • volkiller730 ... OKAY ... Bad luck

    Hope that someone give it a try

  • I think error in Intel XDk. I'm trying to figure it out. Somebody check Media and add Media plugin and it worked, but I'm using export as HTML5, can't use Media in C2 exporter

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  • Hi Flemming, I just switched the audio lock on my iphone , and the audio has just worked .... No idea you can try it

  • wooouppsss ... the same here SUPER

    But weird .. because checked that the phone wasnt muted and the level was up, also it played audio from other apps

    Now its running, Its seams as the sound is behind event triggers, like on collision and destroy

    Hope there is a way to fix this, tried preload in first layout


  • I have this sound issue as well.

    I'm just testing with Safari right now. I think if I can get the sound working in Safari it should be ok after exporting to Intel XDK.

    In one of my experiments I noticed music started working after a time. What I think that time is, is the time it takes to load the entire music file which really isn't very large.

    Other times I've gotten intermittent sound sometimes with the music file playing a short burst before the game is completely loaded.

    Any help always appreciated



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