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  • I am experiencing audio problems in relation to Internet Explorer on Windows desktop (only tested on IE 11 on Win 7). Chrome and Firefox works fine.

    I play a sound every time a frame changes in an animation. It seems to create a problem as soon as animation speed (10f/s) causes the sound to be played while already running. IE totally messes audio up this way (also affecting a background loop sound, which starts lagging).

    I tried to test some different cases;

    If I stop the sound if playing, on frame change, and then immediately plays it, it still causes a problem.

    If I choose not to play the sound again if playing, on frame change, it seems to work, but of course sounds weird, as the purpose is to play a sound every time the frame changes.

    If I use 3 different sounds, and selects one not playing, on frame change, it seems to solve the problem. This solution is not satisfying though, as it waste ressources.

    Any insights would be appreciated!



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  • IE11 does not support webAudio. There are workarounds using the basic audio capabilities of html5, but as you've found, performance is neither good nor predictable.

    The next IE/Spartan will have support for WebAudio, along with a host of other html5 standards M$ has so far ignored. It's unlikely that such features will be backported to IE11...though I'd love to be wrong about that.

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