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  • Not sure if this is a bug or what, so I thought I'd see if anyone else was having this problem.

    I'm working on some music. I export it as a FLAC as 22hz Mono. Try toimport it into C2, and a message pops up saying that it's failed OOG, but everything else is fine. I then re-export the same audio with 44hz with the same name, import, and the same error.

    I then change the name of the file, reimport it, and it works fine.

    It's as though C2 is remembering that there was a problem with the file, and is rejecting it based on that. Only when it doesn't recognise the name does it allow it through.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Here's the audio I used:

    audio link

    Note that to test this, you will need to rename the second track to match the first.

  • Try renaming them to .flac instead of .FLAC. We fixed a bug recently where the audio importer was accidentally case sensitive. It should also be fixed already in r136.

  • Ashley

    Thanks for replying. I don't think it's the same bug (If it is a bug). It'll let me import them fine. It just has a problem with 22hz, so I'll stick to 44hz.

    The issue is where I make a change to an audio track and want to replace an old one already imported into C2. I delete the music from C2, and reimport the new updated file (with the same name).

    What seems to be happening is it somehow recalls the old track. I should point out that I am saving my files as CAPX, rather than project. Not sure if this would make a difference.

    Still not sure if this is a bug, but it does seem rather unusual. Also not sure why 22hz doesn't appear to be working. That would half my music files sizes :( Probably something I'm doing wrong... :(

  • Presumably the Ogg Vorbis encoder doesn't support the 22 KHz sample rate. Generally audio encoders work independently of the sample rate, since they compress in the frequency domain, so it wouldn't halve the size of the audio (it would probably have very little effect). You could get the same effect by simply low pass filtering out the 11KHz+ range at 44KHz, so the encoder doesn't have any HF to encode, but if there wasn't anything there anyway then it won't do anything.

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  • Ashley - I thought it would make a difference... In the zip attachment, they're both the same track, one 44hz, and the other 22hz. One is 5.1mb, the other is 2.9mb.

    Unless you mean the import process makes no difference. I see.

    Are you able to confirm what I'm seeing about the name issue? Is this a bug? Would you like me to file a bug report?

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