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  • I have few questions about that dudes.

    1) I've noticed that audio files are attached to the project, i don't like that so much. Was this fixed? For instance if i'm programming from sratch i can freely move and change what's in audio folder. Seems that in c2 when i send the the file to a friend and he opens it he gets errors about missing sounds. And those errors don't get fixed, they appear regulary.

    2) If the audio file was not imported but just dragged in the audio folder it wont play in c2, and i can't use it. Was it fixed? I would like to be able to manage my audio files like I want and not be forced to reimport all the stuff.

    3) If I want to use my game on ios only that means i don't need to have 3 times the same audio file? (wav, mp4, ogg..) If i want to use for mobiles only which files i have to delete (to have less space occupied)


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