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  • Hello !

    I have to congratulate the developers for this wonderful program, wich I think is the best for game design, everything I thinked there was for me to use.I am finding, however, problems with sound on the android. The sound is not playing at all.

    I have attached a ogg with SystemOnstart Play a sound with loop, and also I attached a sound with a colision. They work absolutely fine on browser on the windows.

    Neither with the Html5 (webview) or with the phonegap I managed to get sound to play on android, I keep getting an error "attempt to get valid duration without valid media player" on my eclipse console (graphics play ok). Please someone help me with this, I am seriously considering buying this software but how can I use sound ?

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  • To help with the debug, do you have the same problem with an mp3 ?

  • There's no file, can you share your .capx? Last I tried audio played fine on Android via PhoneGap. Is there any reason you're not including the .m4a btw?

  • Thank you for the replies !

    Here is the capx it is made with the new beta, ( I also tested with the last stable but not worked too )

    As you can see its a simple game, on the browser it works extremely good. But on android no sound at all, just the error I mentioned. I would be very glad if someone manages to make it work with sound with phone gap on android ( If you got the working eclipse project that would be great )

    Also I found a bug (But it is not important to games, what is important to games is sound) with the beta and maybe the stable too, they are generating backup files with up to 8 Gb !! Wich makes my system to freeze if I enable the backup function, take a look at that.

    Thanks, I hope the best for this software !

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