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  • Hello Everyone?

    A question before shutting down my PC !

    Is it Illegal to use Mario Sprites in a Tutorial ?

    Can we use them in non-commercial projects ?

    Thank you

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  • I'm not a lawyer and I'm not from Nintendo, so take that into account first.

    The safest thing to do is to not use the sprites from an already copyrighted IP. Nintendo owns the Mario sprites and as such you can get in trouble if you use them without their express permission. You can use the same gameplay but not the sprites. If it is for anything that someone other than your household would see, I would say rule-of-thumb is don't do it.

    Always remember that just because there are games out there using the sprites does not mean that it is okay with Nintendo, they either may not know about it or have other priorities. As long as Nintendo is doing something to protect and reinforce their copyright and trademark it stays theirs.

    tl;dr Don't do it, Nintendo's inaction against others does not mean they give permission.

  • Just to add - if it's just a tutorial, there's not much reason to add copyrighted works in to it. You should be able to convey the information needed for the tutorial just fine even with just placeholders like rectangles and circles.

  • Also as you bought c2 you can try to use one of the sprite packs...

    (uh Ashley looking at your badge, you bought C2 too but not as an early adopter? :D)

  • Thanks for your answers !

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