Assertion failure: Drawing instance on wrong layer

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  • Assertion failure: Drawing instance on wrong layer

    Stack trace:


    I get this error message on Node Webkit when trying to use multiplayer to sync the weapons in my game. What does it mean? It is right in one way though, everything is being drawn on the wrong layer in the peer instance of the game compared to the host instance.

  • It's probably a bug, please file a report in the Bugs forum following all the guidelines.

  • There any way I can fill out a private report and send it to you because our engine is pretty much done and I don't know what's specifically causing the error so I'm gonna have to send you the CAPX somewhat completely.

  • No, as per the guidelines we cannot normally accept bug reports for complete projects anyway, since they are nearly impossible to debug. Try to reproduce the problem in a new project, then you can share it and we actually have a chance of being able to fix it.

  • corlenbelspar, I get this error when I experience the bug where objects are created on the next layout: (though Ashley still claims it isn't a bug.)

    I can't seem to replicate it in my fresh .capx, but I'm guessing it's trying to create an object on a layer that doesn't exist or something?

  • Mine is just doing it when the game tries to sync online the game between Chrome and Node Webkit and they are literally drawn on the wrong layer.

  • Same thing guys, getting error when i disconnect from server(one layout) and going to menu layout, and then try to connect back to server layout.

  • Did anyone here figure this one out? I'm running into the same error. Only it's when I return to a layout with pre-laid out objects.

  • I have this problem. It happens randomly

  • One way that I found to fix this is to add a variable/boolean which is set to false when the layout is being destroyed. Then, you add a condition to all events that have a "on destroyed" and create action saying that this boolean must be true. This makes it so you can't create objects using that method while the layout is switching.

  • Please, if you have this problem, report it to the bugs forum following all the guidelines.

  • I know this is an old thread, but I had this "Assertion Failure: drawing instance on wrong layer" and I figure for anyone who has this, maybe this will help. For my situation, I discovered that it was a global sprite that was on layer 2. Then I created a new layout, which only had one layer. That's when I got the error. Simply added two more layers to this new layout and it was fine.

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  • Yeah, i had the same error. The error ocur when I switch layouts using the multiplayer plugin and I have synced objects that aren't on the same layer. Looks like a bug to me.

    The work around is to create the same number of layers (the name of the layers doesn't matter) on both layouts, the one you're leaving to the one you're going to. Works fine for me.

  • I had something similar happen to me. I would create 8 objects on layer6 but for no reason that I could find it would always put 1 object on layer3. The only reason I found out was the object had a blend mode associated with it and it made 1 object the wrong color. The system wasn't giving any errors and I seemingly didn't have anything else associated with the objects or interfering with it.

    All I did was erased the "Create Object" Action and remade it. It seems to be working now.

    • One tip for everyone, maybe i wad solved this problem. In my case i have this problem: when i change layout and click on left mouse key, my player fires a bullet and have this bug/error, and when my enemies, shoot me/create objects bullets too.
    • So the thing is, on your first layout, the objects you will create or the "system" will create, need to have one essencial behavior, it's call "PERSISTENT".
    • Follow my logic, if you create objects on the next or preview layout, and you have the same objects will be create on future, you will need put all the object on all layouts, right? soo try put "PERSISTENT" behavior!

    This resolve my problem, hope help someone

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