Assertion Error: Unable to find instance by IID on launch

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  • Hey! Was working on a game, not quite certain when exactly I started having this issue but I'm running into this assertion error when I launch the game, during the default loading screen. I'm able to click past it and play the game as usual, but I REALLY want to get this handled. Any idea what would cause this?

  • I would guess that the id doesn't exist yet.

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  • I was able to finally stop it from erroring by deleting several instances in my first layout.

  • It's still a bug, so if you can replicate it minimally you should make a bug report.

  • Not to necro or anything I just hit the exact same issue again, but I left construct running in the background throughout the day. Made a change a couple of hours ago and it worked just fine. Made a new change to a an object to destroy it on collision with a swing sprite in the "attack" family. When I ran it it suddenly popped up with the same error in the OP. I tried to back up just in case, exported to another folder. Restarted Construct 2 and BOTH projects have the error.

    I can still see all of my torch objects/sprites and particles just fine in the editor.

    Aaaaaand, of course it won't run.

    This is the same project as op on a _different_ computer now.


  • Holy spitballs! I FIXED IT!!

    And I _somewhat_ know the ballfield of what causes it.

    Okay, so each of the items involved I either accidentally created and just closed out the PNG editor with default, or I was making a new animation for that I changed my mind and left the blank animation in.

    The Construct 2 image editor by default left "corrupt", unreadable pngs or pngs that had a reference an it just never saved them. So the next time the project was loaded it just flipped it's lid.

    Removing all "empty" sprite references cleared it up. It's working now.

    Wow. What a mess. Glad there was a way around it though.

    I can easily show the unworking project and the functional one now, if needed, as I have copies of both. lol

    EDIT: There is a post awaiting moderator approval (likely because of images) that explains my necro. Summary is that this exact same issue cropped up again 5 months later and broke my project upon closing out construct and trying to load the project again.

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