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  • Anyone know if Chrome (iOS) has added support for asm.js physics yet?

    If not, anyone heard anything about future plans to implement it?

  • Does it not work?

  • The latest official blog post I can find states that it is not recommended for native iOS applications as it is not supported properly and may decrease performance : ... ed-physics

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  • The asm.js joints are broken and I have no idea if/when they will be fixed - bug report. Although the aspiration is to move to asm.js physics, I doub't it'll happen any time soon (my report was made in Aug 15 and it was flagged as a duplicate of a problem identified in Feb 15!).

  • Thanks Colludium, do you know if this bug is present on both Android and iOS?

    My game doesn't use joints so I'm still curious to know if non-joint asm.js physics is expected to have reduced performance on iOS. Some quick testing on my iPad didn't reveal any significant performance drop but I'm curious to know if anyone else has had any experience using asm.js on iOS devices?

  • Chrome on iOS is basically a wrapper around Safari, because Apple don't allow different browser engines on iOS (and how they get away with that I don't know). Currently I think Chrome on iOS uses UIWebView which does not support Javascript JIT compilation (i.e. fast javascript), but I guess Chrome on iOS will soon move to WKWebView which does, so that should significantly improve performance for anything JS-based.

    Note that whether or not "asm.js is supported" depends on your definition - technically it is supported everywhere, even on old browsers, because it's just JS code. Whether or not it runs as fast as possible depends on the JS engine optimisations, and that is again different to having a specific parser for asm.js like Firefox has. Safari has a pretty sophisticated JS engine so when it can use JIT asm.js code should be very fast.

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