asm.js - did I miss the polygon limitation?

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  • OK, so I expect that I'm setting myself up for a lot of incoming rocks, rotten tomatoes and spears for not paying enough attention to developments. And the developments with C2 are fast and excellent, so I'm not complaining... I just wandered if my ignorance was really down to sleeping in the forum or if the manual / release logs missed this gem.

    Is it widely known within the community that the asm.js physics engine does not support objects with more than 8 collision polygon points? And 'does not support' really means that it will crash on run....

    If I missed this then I apologize for wasting your time, but if not - you've been informed...

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  • I did not saw that in the manual, it just said about the disabling collisions, and never heard of it before.

  • Aphrodite - yeah, I submitted a bug report and found out from Ashley. Now I'm careful to monitor how many polygon points I add to each sprite to avoid a repeat (it's do-able but a bit limiting....). Since that one fail I've not had a repeat of the problem - even though I still have a couple of objects with more than 8 points in their polygons the game continues to run ok with asm.js physics (only on test & I'm ready to fall back to box 2d).... So it looks like whatever causes the failure to trigger is not guaranteed to fail every time you have 9+ points.

    here's the bug report

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