Is asking for donations with free-edition not permited?

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  • Hi, I know this is probably a dumb question to ask but I had to. The thing is I have so many cool game ideas but I don't have a license - I can't afford one. Does Scirra allow people to ask for donations in a game made with the free-edition?

    The reason I ask is that that is my only option of raising enough money to but a personal license.

  • Has been asked a couple of times already, so I'm sorry... as soon you request money for or inside your game with the free edition, you need to instantly upgrade to the professional edition (if you raised more than 5000$, you need to upgrade to the business licence).

  • Thanx for taking the time to reply. So what exactly do you mean bh "instantly upgrade?"

    Are you saying I can ask for donations as long as I instantly use that money I get to upgrade to a pro edition? What if I sell the game I make with the free edition or start making money off it so I can buy the license, is that allowed?

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  • If you want to make any commercial exploitation - earn money - thanks to games you made with C2 you need at least the personal edition.

    You need it BEFORE making any commercial exploitation/money out of your game.

    The free version does NOT allow to make any money from products you made with it.

  • Okay thanx very much. Much appreciated )

  • But, what you can do is to go to Kickstarter or IndieGogo and show your idea there for raise some money. You can make a short demonstration of your game idea with the free version, as long as you don't sell it. If you get enough money, then you by the full version of construct 2.

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