[Ask] Construct 2 Support for Tizen Mobile OS

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  • Tizen's software framework for third- party developers is based on web standards such as HTML5 and web technologies WAC and other and will be designed for use in tablets, netbooks, smartphones, smart TV, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.


    I'm just wondering about Scirra's long term plan for this Platform.

    I'm just test the 'sample HTML5 apps' from the Tizen's developer site, and this platform support for HTML 5 is so good.


    I hope for the next release of Construct 2 can be added support for export Construct 2 project to Tizen's structured project.

    I hope for your respond, ASHLEY.

    Thanks :)

    *sorry for my bad English >.<

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  • Do they actually have a reasonable market share?

    If you play a game in the device browser does it work, and is it reasonably fast? If not then it's probably not powerful enough to bother trying to get the games running on.

  • Thanks for respond, ASHLEY.

    Tizen Device isn't release officially.

    So, i'm sorry for market share i'm actually don't have a reasonable reason. But after it's release we can see that.

    I'm just try this Tizen's simulator a little bit, so in my little experience on this platform, the HTML5 application or games running on that still not perfect at all.

    The Tizen SDK also still beta version, so if in the stable version was released and HTML5 support more good than before, i think Construct 2 must be think about this platform. ^^

  • I'm sure Tizen will replace Android in the future

  • Yes Joannesalfa , i'm sure Tizen and Firefox OS will give HTML5 Game Developer a big opportunity in 2013. :)

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