Ashley please add this feature if possible...

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  • As a designer i use many image editing programs (Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator), one feature that all of these programs have in common is the ability to affect multiple objects at the same time. EXAMPLE: (lets say i select 3 different objects that i want to resize equally, i would select these 3 objects, select the scale tool, and scale them as one)

    Construct 2 has a great tool set, but it can greatly improve if you had the ability to apply rotate and scale to multiple objects as if they were one. This would be a great time saver as opposed to editing them one by one while in the layout.

    Just a suggestion that would help reduce the time it would take to build and create assets in the editor. Thank you.


  • You can always select multiple objects and set their angle and size properties in the properties bar.

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  • You are correct Kyatric and thanks for the prompt response, the only thing is that even though we can currently apply these to multiple objects at the same time, construct still handles them as individual objects while maintaining their point of origins.

    To better explain, imagine that you have 3 objects that when selected are grouped and act as if they were in a container with a new single point of origin that can now be resized, rotated, ect as one object.

  • It would be nice indeed.

    The feature is maybe even on Ash's todo list already, but I guess it'll take some time before getting implemented.

  • I'll see what I can do - originally I made it single-object resize since with a lot of objects selected and resize handles around all of them it can look really messy with a "forest" of resize handles, and you can't see which handles apply to which object. Instead I just went for handles around one object. I guess I can extend this to still showing resize handles around one object when mass-selecting objects, so you can still cleanly resize/rotate multiple objects at once, without having a messy display.

  • Excellent, that will be a great help and add a lot to the editor. Thank you.

  • What if you put one set of resize handles around all of the objects selected?

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