Ashley : A few more ideas for C2

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  • Firstly, I hope that you do not mind me posting ideas for future features here, I`m sure that you have a huge list already. If it is a problem then please do say.

    OK, here goes,

    1. Would it be possible to display the polygons that are use for collisions during running of the game, maybe this is already a planned feature if a debugger is a possibility?

    2. Can a status display be added to show the current rotation of the selected object in layout? Object scale would be most welcome to.

    3. The dashed window area in layout is hard to see on a dark background in layout, maybe if other grid display options are implemented a set colour choice could also be added.

    4. An option to manually set the distance away from the game window that objects are no longer updated\drawn. Could save performance on mobiles? I`m not sure what the current settings are? I did read your latest blog (great read) but saw no mention of this.

    5. I think that the scroll to actions would be great if they allowed you to set an ease in\out amount in a simple way. Being an artist one of the huge benefits of C2 to me is it`s ease of use in this regard. I`m really hopeful that you continue to make options like this for those of us who are less mathematically minded. (It is greatly appreciated.)

    6. Currently we have a wrap to layout option but no wrap to window. If you have a game like Space Invaders that also scrolls vertically wrap to window could take care of enemies that go off the bottom of the screen and then reappear at the top of the window (i.e they shouldn`t wrap to the top of the layout which is well out of view of the player). I know that this is easily done manually but it would be a nice complement to wrap to layout, maybe part of the behaviour?

    7. I really miss having a move object to destination command (with different ease in\out varieties) Can one be added in the future as it would be a great addition and it useful in many different game types.

    8. How about an option to set an object in motion, say rotate an object from one angle to another in a time set by the user, again with ease in\out settings which can then be left to carry on on it`s own? A kind of set and forget system. This could tie in with my above idea and create a very handy selection of commands which could automate commonly used tasks. I think that this would be a fantastic addition for a lot of users and make things like professionally moving items around\scaling and rotating a breeze, again especially useful for the less technically minded. Building bosses like this would be a lot simpler too. You could set a chain of events in motion which would trigger at set times.

    9. Finally, the ability to set one object to follow another would be great for drones, snake body parts and so on. With the ability to set the speed that the object set to follow moves at to catch up to it`s parent.

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful to you.

  • Some good ideas here!

    1. I would think Scirra will add this when they add a debugger.

    2. What's wrong with the angle in the properties bar?

    3. Agreed.

    4. Objects are not rendered outside the game window at all. If you want to 'pause' the objects so that logic doesn't apply, that's really up to you.

    5. Lerp?

    6. I think it would be fairly easy to event this...

    7. Agreed!

    8. Also agreed!

    9. This could be related to the previous suggestions, I suppose...

  • Hello sqiddster

    2. Your right, sorry about that. Please disregard that request.

    5. Regarding Lerp, I have absolutely no idea how to use this even after reading the manual. Please could you give me a small idea of how it would work in a game situation?

    Actually, this confirms what I have mentioned above, non technical people would not link the Lerp command to what I am looking to do. Once you know that it can be used for this then you can look it up but if you have never heard of it then you wouldn`t even know where to start.

  • Regarding Lerp, I have absolutely no idea how to use this even after reading the manual. Please could you give me a small idea of how it would work in a game situation?.

    The FAQ has many examples that include lerp, and at least two good explanations of how it works.

  • Thanks for the suggestions - we really have a very very long todo list so we're not actually really in a position to say we can do anything more, but I've added them to the todo list anyway.

  • Nimtrix, thanks for pointing me to the FAQ I will have a read. I have skimmed through before but must have missed that part.

    Hi Ashley, thanks for taking a look at my suggestions. Please only use ideas that you think will benefit your program. I know that your todo list is long enough as it is. I must say though that it is nice for a developer to actually listen to his user base and makes a very nice change from many other tools I have used in the past.

  • Great ideas!

    I totally support number 7!

    (maybe somebody could use the famous robert penner's easing equations and come up with a nice "Move To" behavior?)

  • Many of the ease in/out suggestions can be solved using lerp. There is a great explanation of it somewhere out there, it is probably in the faq.

  • Ashley,

    Would you mind sharing your to-do list?

  • ageiser - I'd rather not, because everyone has their pet feature they want to be done first, so I predict a lot of hassle from users wanting to add or remove stuff from the list. I listen carefully to people's suggestions, but I would rather manage the todo list privately.

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  • Also, the list must be too big to fit in a forum post.

  • +

    some competitors, may steal some ideas from C2 todo-list [;D]

  • For 7 (seven, seven <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">) there's the moveTo behavior, by rexrainbow (who else? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">).

    Works perfectly in my game.

  • I don't think that move-to behavior has those groovy interpolation options, however :/

  • Before C2 have it own debugger..Hoping it have search feature to search and highlight object, action, event...etc.

    I really tired to read long and complicated event sheet.. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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