Ashely - please reconsider the ringer off sound off rule

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  • I get so many complaints from people thinking that something is wrong. In fact, I made a "Sound Check" layout that comes up to tell the user to unmute their device and turn their ringer on - along with a button to check the sound. But I STILL get emails (as well as negative reviews on iTunes).

    My apps are to help teach kids to read and I use them all the time when I tutor kids, and even I start playing with no sound and then I remember - oh yes - ringer on... This is not an issue from other apps that I use made by other people.

    Maybe there's a way I can ignore the ringer and mute?

  • I'm not sure what you're talking about. Construct doesn't have any specific requirement to turn your ringer on as far as I'm aware.

  • If the device has mute on (or ringer off) then sound won't play on the app. People just assume when they open an app that they'll get sound.

    Apps I've downloaded always plays sound regardless if mute is on or if the ringer is turned off. I saw in another thread that you said no, that if someone has mute on it's for a reason, and I agree logically. However, people have become accustom to having sound regardless.

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  • If you mute your phone then it blocks all apps making sound. If you're watching a movie you don't want a random app to suddenly start blaring out audio even when you've muted your phone. There is no way for apps to circumvent this. It's just how your phone works.

    Phones have multiple volume sliders for media, ringer, alarms, etc. I presume you've just got them confused which has misled you in to thinking apps can work around this. They cannot. If you completely mute your phone there is no way for an app to make any sound at all. You probably need a screen in your app that plays some music and says "please turn up your volume until you hear the music". There isn't anything else that can be done about this.

  • I do have this screen that you advised, and while my complaints have diminished since implementing this, I'm still getting emails.

    Would there be a way to detect that the mute is on, so the app can alert the user?

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