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  • Hello folks,

    I've been busy beavering away trying to learn C2, its very very slow going as I'm I'm ancient and not very bright but I'm patient and I'm trying my best. However, one thing I did realise today was, with time and enough practice I *might* be able to create games with C2.

    However.. I will never be able to create my own artwork, even 8bit sprites. I have zero artistic ability and that's never going to change. So I'm wondering is there anywhere you can download free sprites (I'm willing to credit them, however no one will ever see my game but that's besides the point.)

  • EDIT: I am unable to post links yet

    A Google search for 'Spriters Resource' should take you to a website with tons of free spritesheets in a variety of styles (some you may know from previous games).

    If you are after high quality then I really recommend searching for 'Game Art Partners'. The bundles cost a little bit of money but it's very affordable and the animations are really high quality.

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  • For personal use like ScrotieFlapWack said you can go here these are technically copywritten material but if you don't intend to use for financial gain don't see the harm in playing with it. Also there is

  • Thank you both very much!

  • You might want to shy away from rip sites.

    They're ok for inspiration, and learning, but copyright should not be taken lightly.

    Opengameart should provide for most needs any way.

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