Arrow Keys + Mouse Clicks locks the X or Y axis

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've recently created a simple top down shooter. But I've noticed that once the combination of Arrow keys (movement) and rapid Mouse clicks are pressed the movement of the character locks onto one axis (X or Y) and pushes the character towards a side of the screen (top, down, left or right).

    For example, when this happens and the character moves involuntarily towards the left side of the screen and gets locked on that side I can still move the character up and down on the Y axis but not right.

    It is extremely annoying being that movement is very important in the game to get away from enemies.

    I've tried to find whatever could be influencing the 8-direction behaviour but to no avail.

    If anyone has heard of this before and has even the slightest idea why this is happening I will truly be in your debt.


  • This has been reported a lot and seems to be specific to Chrome, is that the browser you're using?

    We think it's a problem in the browser and we're hoping Google fix it soon.

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  • Yes it is. Phew, well at least I can stop from going nuts trying to find out if it was a problem I caused.

    Thanks Ashley!

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