Array.Pop strange behavior

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  • Hi,

    I was playing with the array and poping an item in an array increase the number of element of that is normal ?

    I mean once i poped it, it should have removed it not adding element to it. The element is empty.. but it is still added.

    But i have a guess which is probably the size of the array that incrementing. Is there a way to avoid this ? even reducing the array size after the pop doesn't work.


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  • Nevermind, look like its my lack of knowledge in the array object. To have initially zero element you must set..

    width: 0

    height: 1

    depth: 1

    if you set all zero everywhere, it won't add anything to the array.. which make sense since there no height or depth. At least you need 1 height and 1 depth to represent a 1D array.

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