Array Bug.. is there something i am doing wrong ?

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  • Hi there,

    Found a strange behavior... this time it really look like a bug but again i am not sure. Through all i can say is that the result from a session without debugging and a session with debugging give different results.

    Basically i am just iterating in an array. Look at my events... the debugging session generate a TONS of console message.. it shouldn't happen. The hilarous thing is that the debug session show the result correctly ( 2 dot at right corner) but the session without debug put both dot at the same location.. any ideas ? i am a bit desesperate... not the first time i use array and that this result happen. I had to redesign the way i was using a feature to avoid using an array because i had strange problem... but i didn't know it was the array the problem. Now that tell an hint.

    My events..

    With debug... (seem to do an infinite loop...)

    Without debug... (act normally. But the result is not right.. put both dot at the same place)

    Thanks for any help! Greatly appreciated! If you ever seen that before.. please drop a message lol

    EDIT: Figured out that the function DrawMinimapOnScreen is called 1 time in normal and called 81 times in debug. That may explain why, at least a part of it... so its not related to arrays.

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  • Fixed. It was something related to my auto adjusting the hud.. that was called too many time.. the debug session seem to resize the viewport at start which explain why i didnt get the same result in both startup.

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