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  • Hi All,

    I've been searching for a few hours now, but still haven't found a definitive answer. I've found threads from early to mid 2012, which mention that 3rd party plugins are not accepted in the arcade. But also mention that these are being looked at, and are high on Ashley/@Tom's to-do list.

    Can anyone tell me if there has been any movement on this, or if there's a list of accepted 3rd party plugins yet. Same question with the full screen option in the arcade please?

    Sorry if I've just missed this info, but I've been trawling the forum for some time now with little success.


  • Third part plugins still aren't supported, full screen (thanks to the browser plugin) is.

    The list of supported plugins is available in the submit page.

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  • Thanks for the help

  • , a couple more question if I may.

    I've worked out that I should use the "request fullscreen" action if I'm using the browser plugin.

    But do I still need to make sure that C2's fullscreen in browser mode is set to off (as suggested in the tutorial "Uploading to the Scirra Arcade"), or should it be set to crop/scale/letterbox mode etc?

    Also the tutorial mentions that you have to use the latest version of C2 when exporting for the Arcade. Does this mean the latest stable version, or does it include beta versions. I generally avoid the beta versions, as I like to make sure all of the bugs have been ironed out before installing a new version

    Many thanks.

  • I played around with the settings and managed to answer my own question, thanks again

    For anyone else who may be interested;

    1. Yes you do still need to set C2's "Fullscreen in browser" mode to off.

    2. Yes you do need to export file from very latest version of C2 including beta releases.

    Hope that's of some help to others with the same problem.

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