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  • I decided to revisit the appMobi option for iOS just for comparison sake.

    But the tiled background doesn't seem to tile too well. Also certain transparent or alpha items show up instead of being transparent.

    "How do I" .... fix this? Has anyone else had the same issue and resolved it?

    I'll look more into it tomorrow and provide screenshots and my findings.

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  • Hey superkew, (awesome username FYI)

        What device are you seeing this on and what version of applab do you have? I'm assuming the newest but it's always good to double check :)

    We implemented most of the premultiplied alpha attributes that Construct 2 uses so screen shots would be great to see what might be happening. We've also done a lot of testing on tile background so unsure why you'd be seeing problems with that also. Again, screenshots would be amazing :)


  • Hi Tyler

    I worked on my game a bit last night and found the following:

    Tiled backgrounds have to be a perfect square otherwise the tiling doesn't work correctly.

    If I take a very small right angled triangle and stretch it a lot to fill up an area, then the transparent edges show some sort of fill.

    Also, when overlaying multiple images, sometimes it draws strange outline on the transparent sides. I'll play around with the pixel size and rounding.

    Even though I stop a certain music track, it keeps playing.

    I will get some screenshots later - off to my day job.

  • superkew - you should only expect perfect tiling with square power-of-two sized textures. This isn't anything to do with directCanvas, it's a limitation in the current generation of mobile hardware.

  • I'm only tiling on x. But it is good to know.

    Specifically using the tiling to do grass, and ground.

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