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  • I'm trying to use appMobi, but I've got two guestions which a I am not able to solve:

    1. Critical alert: the appMobie Javascript library is missing!

    copy snippet code to your clipboard and place in all your HTMLs

    I tried to do so, be pasting the copied code to the index.html C2 supplies, but the error wont go away?

    Should there be an appMobi .js in the projectfolder? If so, where can I find it?

    2. when having installed the app through the PlayStore (this is possible with the critial aler), the flashloading screen appears, but then the screen turns (and stays) black? Is this because of 1. or is something else happening?

    Thanks for any help! I'd really like to get my app working :P

  • update:

    when I look in appMobi at the source in the Debug Console, there's no code snippet in the header? But I did paste it in the index.html through Notepad...

  • Using his thread.

    I exported my game to AppMobi (DirectCanvas).

    Here the results compared to the old export,

    When just displaying pictures , boots from 30fps to 60fps (nice).

    But when there is an object moving around it goes down to 10~15fps.

    I Tried this on my iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1

    Those tests were made using the webapp version (not an apple build). But I think performance would be the same. So this isn't the device full speed,but the AppMobi's directCanvas technology.

    It's getting better but still a long road to reach there.

  • Cyberkidz - are you sure you chose 'Export for appMobi' and not 'Export for HTML5 website' when exporting?

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  • Don't mean to bump an old thread, but i am getting the same issue. "Critical alert: the appMobie Javascript library is missing!"

  • PixelPalette - same question, are you sure you chose 'Export for appMobi' and not 'Export for HTML5 website' when exporting?

  • Ashley - Yeah, i am choosing export for appmobi. It works if i ignore the xdk emulator and use my tablet to launch locally, but it doesn't seem to change orientation when i have it set for portrait(its stuck on landscape), which i figure that it does not see the appmobi plugin for some reason.

    Also, i am not sure if this problem was similar to the Kongregate plugin. It was not working either when i tried adding its features. Are you sure your exporting is injecting the javascript?

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