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  • The game plays fine on the simulator in PC. But after trying it on my iPhone, all I see is black screen.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • It's a known issue, it's already posted on some thread with your same problem.

    I don't know when they will fix it.

  • But how does it works well for some people and not for others?

    Is there a work around this?

    Is there any other tools like AppMobi which can boost performance?

    CocoonJS is not an option because it needs Mac to test on iOS and needs a paid version of Construct 2.

  • Maybe they have android.

    AppMobi and CocoonJS are experimentals, not as 100% support. I don't think there a workaround this.

    There no other tools can boost performance like PhoneGap.

    Blame to Apple for refusing CocoonJS on appstore. I was hoping they can release an .ipa for jailbroken devices, i'm not sure they will do.

    We have only one option... patience.

  • Are you using some custom plugins? Directcanvas sometimes doesn't like them.

  • Are you using some custom plugins? Directcanvas sometimes doesn't like them.

    Yeah, I am. Thanks for letting me know. I'll remove them and let you know if it's works

    EDIT: OMG! Thanks, it's working now!

    While I'm here, I have another question:

    1. If my main aim is to develop the game for iPhone/Android devices, Is it bad to use big sprites? (I created big sprites so that it looks good on retina display iPad's too) Will it reduce my performance?

    2. My tiled - background image turned into a white image. I know that appMobi is in beta. But to those who've created their games using appMobi, is there a way to get around this?

    3. What are some fundamental suggestions to make a game that runs smoothly on mobile devices?

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  • Same problem here! Works beautifully in the appmobi emulator (Directcanvas is fast!) but the local and testanywhere screens are just blank and white. I'm not using any plugins that I know of... (would i know?)

    I'm new to Construct2 (R97) and I think my game is pretty simple. I don't have any text objects or physics in it..

    If anyone has had better luck or tell me what to look for please post!

  • I'm pretty sure that larger sprites will impact the performance of your game, but in the interest of having one code base to "run them all" you might be okay with that.

    As for the background image, since the background of your HTML page is set to "transparent" in order to see the directCanvas layer below, the background image could be invisible if you set it using CSS.

    Also, although the XDK doesn't require it be sure to use the present() method of the context object to tell directCanvas to actually write to the screen.

  • Do you have to pay to use appmobi exporter?

    An I missing something, because I can?t seen to activate the exporter here?

  • thesecretweapon - I got around the tiled background problem by deleting and just making my background one large sprite! It looks good in the emulator but I'm still having the white screen issue. I suppose that will not work if you really need the background tiled...

    sheepy - I would make sure you have the latest version of construct2. Appmobi should be in the dropdown box at the top when you go to export.

    I think im in love with Construct2 :0

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