appMobi launcher appLabs hangs on Black screen

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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.
  • Anyone else experience this?

    I saw that buttons and textboxes aren't supported, but does it break it? Do I have to remove it or are there other possible causes?

  • Which plugins and behaviors are you using?

  • When I tried my app on applab, it also hang on black screen. But it works on the emulator. I mainly use physics in my game plus some particles, fade and sine.

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  • Uhm... iOS or Android?

    My app for example hangs on iOS but runs flawlessly on android (except audio streaming, but I'm trying to find a workaround to force the use of mediaplayer instead of soundpool API) so it might be an applab bug.

  • Only tested on ios, didn't test on android. Also when I use directcanvas for export, music and sound didn't play. When I export as html instead of appmobi and put it into appmobi xdk, all the sounds works fine

  • Directcanvas currently doesn't support a lot of C2 features but it's only a matter of time. If you have an apple developer account try to build a complete package from the online build system, it's updated more frequently by appmobi than the applab container.

  • Just tested this by exporting a very small test app with only 2 sprites and a touch event via Construct2 using the Direct Canvas option. The Appmobi "Simulator" has the black screen but when I touch where I think my sprite is located which is using the touch event, the black screen goes away and the app works fine. When I choose the "Test Anywhere" function and load it up on my actual iPhone4 via AppLab, it works just fine with no black screen.

    When exported via the "HTML Browser" option in Construct2, the App works with no problems in the AppMobi "Simulator" as expected.

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