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  • Is there any way we can access the app mobie API's? withing C2 so that when we export for app mobi things will work? Like push notifications ect?

    Push notification API

  • It's on our todo list!

  • I want to chime in and say that if you guys manage to make appmobi work completely (directCanvas and directBox2d) plus all other cool feature like access to camera, compass, notifications and so on you'll have a goldmine on your hand, you could even sell a different construct2 licence (constructMobile) to overcome the technical difficulties that I read in another thread..

    If you'll be able to pull this off you'll really get you an edge on the competion.

  • 0plus1, I agree AppMobi working would definitely make a significant difference in the sales on construct2, However I personally do not think it would be fair to charge for a additional license on top of the standard or business license.

    If you really want a engine like Construct2 that can develop for IOS Take a look at, There is a free version which is amazing, The free version has no limitations or missing features. But you have the option to buy the IOS edition for ?99 I think it was, Which is a completely different engine, The free version is a flash based engine, The IOS version is HTML5.

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  • Just had a look on there site: It costs $149/year. And It's not exactly a separate engine, its a ad on to the free engine.

  • I don't mind paying more for more features. Before I started building my game in oct 2011, I looked at Gamesalad. I went with C2 because the interface in gamesalad(which looks like stencyl)is too basic, and seems to be missing important organizational tools and things like snapping. But mostly I picked C2 because gamesalad was just for ios not droid, (back then, now it does both). C2 boasted its HTML5 could/would be able to output to Chrome, IOS, and Droid. C2 needs to get the appmobi thing worked out, and they already know this.

  • I also would most likely pay for more feature's but the reason most other engine's have a paid IOS exporter is because to make games for the web its free! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Scirra allready charge for web based game creation.

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