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  • It is possible to add my game to app mobi ?

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  • anyone already use app mobi XDK?

  • Yes it is possible to add your game to appMobi. But you got the ImpactJS XDK you need to pay to use that one I believe, and I don't know if it will work with C2.

    Here is the one I use:

    And here is a tutorial to help you get it all up, and running:

    Tutorial- Getting Started

    Once you got it all up, and running just create a new project, then copy everything inside of your C2 appMobi exported game folder, and paste it into your new project folder.

  • oh so if must pay to play with my game on my phone. I use phone gap :)

    So is no other way to create games for ios?

  • No you don't have to pay to use the appMobi HTML5 XDK. You have the wronng one installed the one you have is for the ImpactJS game engine, and it coasts $99. Also I think it only works with ImpactJS.

    You need to install the appMobi HTML5 XDK. It is free to use. Here is the link to the free one :

    appMobi HTML5 XDK

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  • I have XDK, look at first post. But i dont know how to add game and finally export to ios

  • appMobi has a few different XDK's. The one in your first post is for the ImpactJS game engine. This one appMobi Game Developer Pro - Impact .

    You need to use this one appMobi HTML5 XDK.

    Here is the Getting Started Tutorial. This will help you to get it set all up.

    Then all you have to do is make an appMobi export of your game with Construct 2. Once that is done open up your appMobi HTML5 XDK, and in the top toolbar click on the (Start New) button. It will walk you through the proses of setting up a new project. You can also follow the Getting Started Tutorial for help with this. Once you have a new project set up click on the (Open Project Folder) button in the top tool bar. Now all you have to do is open up your Construct 2 appMobi export folder, copy everything inside of it, and paste it inside of the appMobi HTML5 XDK new project folder that you just created. Your game should now be displayed in the emulator.

    I don't have, a ios device for testing so I never tried to do a ios export only android. Here is there Tutorial page it might help you with that.

  • Oh! i see differences now! Thanks Wink:))

  • You do not need the ImpactJS engine, it's a completely different engine to C2 and will require you program your game.

    I have been planning to make a tutorial, but it is simple to get going, basically:

    1. Open the appMobi XDK.

    2. Create a new project.

    3. Export your C2 game with the 'export for appMobi' option. Export over the appMobi project you just made. Usually its path is something like Documents\AppMobi XDK\MyProject\3.4.04. Click the refresh button in the XDK

    5. You should now see your game running - you can try testing using 'Test over Wifi' or 'Test Anywhere', and also build for the app store.

  • and also build for the app store.

    a short warning though, when you upload your game to the app store, you will be stuck with the version you uploaded, as appmobi DOESN'T allow you to export apps with constrol over version number, that said, every game you export will have the same version number, thus will not upload to app store as a new version, you will see an error saying that app with that version code is already uploaded.

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