Can you make an application for windows desktop?

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  • Hi,

    I'd like to make an application to manage data but I need to visualize it in a graph and Construct 2 would be really helpful for that part.

    I know you can add buttons, lists and textboxes but, do you think it's powerful enough to drive lots of data parsed from a database?


  • not exactly the most efficient way to do it as it will still be accessing it as a website (AJAX)... a real desktop app would probably be much better for database access. But if construct is your choice go for it... It really has nothing to do with how powerful construct 2 is, it has to do with using HTML5 canvas as a data driven app platform...

  • BluePhaze Well, if he's hitting a web-based database, that's not necessarily a bad thing. C2 makes accessing things like a WP database/SQL, or even a WP feed, pretty easy to deal with compared to more common alternatives.

    Djordhan There's no reason C2 couldn't do this, though keep in mind you're going to have to figure out how to parse that data. Is it a web-based or local database? And what database format?

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  • It would be a local database. I have no problem having the application running in a browser (by desktop I really meant "runs locally").

    But I think C2 doesn't have a component to access database so, I have no idea how I'll do that

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