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  • I'm just curious if Construct 2 currently or in the near future will have support for the new Apple TV (seeing as how it releases next week).

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  • jseeley

    Good question. I've been thinking the same thing. The new Apple TV 4 brings a lot of opportunities for us. But if I understand correctly, it does not support HTML5 .. And it sucks.

  • The problem with Apple TV is that you can't put a web view in their app, it is specifically forbidden by Apple. So no Cordova or similar web views. Ironically only a wrapper like Ejecta (that btw supports Apple TV in its latest version) can work.

  • Really, Ejecta would work? I wonder how performance is.

    Hmm, even then, the apple tv probably has enough brute force to handle most apps. On top of that, you would only have to target one device.

  • Well, I did quick test with Ejecta..

    I get only errors

    I tried to make an archive:

    pic 1: ""

    Then I delete from target this..

    pic 2: ""

    ..and build succeeded. Then I tried to download the archive to iTunes Connect, and...

    pic 3: ""

    Heh. Maybe someone smarter than me makes it works and write an tutorial?

  • Ashley

    Quick question:

    It is possible to make a Construct 2 game for Apple TV and compiles it with Ejecta?

    Do I have any chance?


  • No, it's not yet possible, and Ejecta is no longer supported. Hopefully a future Apple TV update will allow the web view to work.

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