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  • Hi All,

    We've been having several rejections from Apple's Review team for 2 months now, and we can't see to replicate their error. The problem also doesn't go away after multiple optimisation attempts. Somehow our IAP buttons doesn't seem to spawn correctly on their reviewer's device. We've tried on all out devices and we can't seem to replicate their error. We even borrow the an iPad Air exactly the same specs as the reviewer to test, still can't get that error. All our devices are working fine even when we try to overload it by opens tons of apps.

    Any ideas how we should go about this problem?

    Our game was compiled using CocoonJS, but it shouldn't be CocoonJS or Construct 2's fault because the exact same codes were used for the iPhone version and that was approved. We don't publish universal because iPad retina display will give memory problems for iPhone 4. So we just change assets to and reuse the same codes for different devices.

    We think it might be the reviewer's iPad that is the problem. Is it ok to request Apple to test on a another device?

    Anyone encountered such problems?

    Thanks for your help!

    Link to our game:

    iPhone: ... 72646?mt=8

    Android: ... ationz.sgt

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