App size and internal memory issues

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  • I'm developing a game for Android/iOS that will eventually weight more than 50mb in space.

    The problem is that some low-end phones have very limited internal memory and apps on android are always downloaded to the internal memory. Not enough space? Can't install app.

    I've had this problem when trying to install Angry Birds Star Wars on my Optimus One... had to do a super clean-up of my internal memory.

    Do you guys know if CocoonJS or other wrappers allow for in-game updating/patches? Or can we do it through C2? Maybe also force the download on the SD card?

    I would make a small release version of my game (say 10mb) with a few levels, then I would activate an update for the rest of the content to be downloaded on the users SD card.

    Any of you ran into the same problem?

    Any idea how to solve this problem?


  • How does downloading a patch with the rest of the game solve the problem? Won't it end up taking the same amount of space which still has the same problems?

    Modern phones have gigabytes of storage, so I doubt this will be a problem for long.

  • The trick is to release the game with, say, levels 1 2 and 3, making the app only 20mb in space. (therefore easy to install on pretty much any Froyo phones and up) Instruct the user with limited internal memory to move the app to the SD card then install a patch or update from inside the game that can weight 40,80,100mb and not be a problem providing the SD card has enough space.

    It's a moment in the history of mobile gaming that sucks with phones with 200mb of internal memory... it's just that they still represent millions of users worldwide so just not supporting these devices is terribad.

    Google should have had an option to install apps directly to the SD card from the get go...

    Anyways back to solutions... Maybe there's a way from within the game to initiate an update from an external server. Maybe only through CocoonJS though.

    But is there a C2 plugin with such a function?

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  • I guess not.

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