App is not loading properly when added to android home screen - please help?

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  • Hi,

    Apologies in advance for the long post.

    I have a strange issue that I wondered if anyone else had encountered.

    The background is that I have built an app to capture sports stat data via the use of multiple buttons on the page.Basically you spot something happening, press the corresponding button and it writes an associated value to a text field.

    While the app itself is not sensitive, it has sensitive data within it so I cannot simply share the capx unfortunately.

    The issue is when I preview the app in my desktop browser everything works perfectly. When I export it as an HTML5 website and upload that to my hosting area and view it in a mobile or desktop browser it works perfectly.

    The issue is when I add the website to my android homescreen (so that it runs full screen) when I subsequently launch the homescreen version certain elements are not visible, but they are there as if I click on where they are they respond as if they are there. All assets are set to visible so this is not he issue.

    I added a sprite, with an on tap event that reloads the page (using the browser plugin) and this brings everything back (even in the homescreen version). I have tried clearing the browser cache and deleting the shortcut but it makes no difference.

    Is there way of reloading the page automatically ONCE after the app has loaded? I put it to reload after the layout has loaded but this then goes in to a loop.

    Or is there any other way to get around the issue?

    If I can provide any info to debug I am happy to.



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