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  • I created a game using construct2 and export it to windows 8. And I upload it to the store several times but it failed in certification because of the reason 'your app doesn't meet the requirements'. It is showing some options include

    The app crashes on launch.       

              The app crashes randomly or repeatedly.       

              The app freezes and the user has to close and restart the app.       

              The app requires a Windows component library that the Windows Store doesn't support. To avoid this, make sure your development tools are up-to-date.

    What to do??

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  • PM me a build and I'll take a look.

  • How do i pm you the build?

  • Zip up the project, upload it to dropbox or something similar and private message me a link to it.

  • Are you sure you used the latest version of Visual Studio and Windows 8, like the report says?

    Also the most common cause of issues is being wasteful with memory. They'll test your device on mobile which is more likely to have a limited amount of memory. Make sure you're not using loads of really big images and so on.

  • Yes. I used the latest version of visual studio and windows 8

  • Thank you Ashley. I think it is because of wasteful memory.i am using very large sized images for the game.

  • I ran into this several times. They should have included a pdf with screenshots showing you exactly what the issue is. Click on the link to VIEW CERTIFICATION REPORT and there should be a link to the pdf.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

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